The User Forum

The user forum is a repository of information useful for making your Fab Lab experience go smoothly.  It is accessible from the MEMBERS tab on the navigation bar.


The forum is divided into sections, such as Membership, Using the Equipment, Software Tools, etc…



Some categories have sub-categories.  For example, ‘Using the Equipment’ is broken down into 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, etc…  Each sub-category contains posts specific to that topic.

If you ever have a procedural question, this is likely where you will find the answer.  Check the forum before asking a question to the staff or volunteers.  The forum was setup so that they wouldn’t have to answer the same recurring questions all the time.  If you’re question isn’t covered by any of the forum posts, please feel free to post a question!  Just remember that the forum is not intended for immediate communication.  If something is urgent you’re much more likely to get a response on one of the Slack channels.

Before continuing the general orientation, CLICK HERE to make your first forum post.  The first time you log in you’ll have an inbox message from a friendly bot who can help you learn many useful forum features.

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