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Fab Lab offers an immersive year-round STEAM workshop experience for grades K-12 . Each workshop is approximately 2 hours long. Fee listed is per student per workshop session.  Minimum 10 students required to book. Suggested maximum of 40 students per session for best learning experience.

Morning Session 9am-11am

Lunch 11am-12pm

Afternoon Session 12pm-2pm

Lunch can be catered for an additional $10 per student.

•3D Modeling from TinkerCAD to Autodesk 360 Fusion


Beginner: TinkerCAD is a beginner-friendly interface for 3D modeling used to make toys, prototypes, home decor, Minecraft models, jewelry – the list is truly endless!

Intermediate to Advanced: Autodesk Fusion 360 is a powerful, easy and user-friendly 3D application that can create amazing and complex objects starting from basic shapes or sketches. These objects can then be 3D printed or manufactured with CNC, laser cutters, water jet cutters, etc. The ability to start from content reduces the learning curve and avoids the need of the level of abstraction required when starting from a black canvas and sketches.

•3D Scanning and 3D Printing

$25 + $20 for 3D printed bust (optional)

Using a hand-held high-quality 3D scanner, students will learn to use the device to generate a full-color 360° 3D model of themselves that can be edited and remixed in TinkerCAD or Autodesk 360 Fusion. These avatars can also be inserted into gaming environments. The models can also be 3D printed in single-color to create a classic bust or statue of the student.

•Circuits and Electronics


We offer workshop in both electronic soldering for older students as well as solderless circuitry projects. Using award-winning and innovative STEAM kits, we engage students in out-of-the-box thinking with creative goal-driven projects such as making conductive controllers out of everyday objects and assembling their own synthesizer keyboard using modular, snap-together electronics.

•Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

$35 (includes VR viewer to take home for each student)

In this workshop, we introduce students to the underlying design and technological concepts that drive VR and AR. With immersive HTC VIVE, full-room scale virtual reality system, the entire Media Lab can be turned into a virtual space for exploration and experimentation. We will cover topics such as creating 3D environments and camera rigs. Each student will take home a virtual reality headset with special viewing lenses for VR apps on smartphones.

•Coding and Robotics


EZ Robots, Sphero, and Lego Mindstorms are some of the most expandable and feature packed robotics platform. Join us for a fun workshop covering Coding, Automation, Camera Tracking, Speech Recognition, LED Lighting, and more.

•Custom Workshop

Like a workshop that we’ve offered to the public and want it replicated for your students? Let us know! We will try our best to accommodate.


General Tour

Maker Tour


We offer an affordable 1-hour field trip option of a presentation of the Maker’s Movement and a general tour of our makerspace. Please contact us for more information on our flat-rate Maker Tour for groups.

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