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The b9Creator is a resin-based Digital Light Projection printer. It uses a UV-cured resin to build up three-dimensional objects layer by layer.  The XY resolution ranges from 50 µm to 100 µm,  with a minimum Z resolution of 50 µm.

The build volume ranges from 51.2 mm x 38.4 mm x 203.2 mm at 50 µm XY resolution to 102.4 mm x 76.8 mm x 203.2 at 100 µm XY resolution.

You must attend a free Safety and Use class before using the 3D Printer.  If you are reserving for the first time, please also book a class.


Note: You must ensure that the 3-D model is prepared according to the File Preparation Guidelines. Please read the document carefully prior to machine reservation. Although the Safety and Usage Class is only mandatory once, we recommend that you review the usage guidelines and the Forum prior to using the equipment each time.


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