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Fab Lab Volunteer

Fab Lab El Paso is always looking for motivated and committed volunteers! Volunteering at our Fab Lab provides a great opportunity to learn an array of digital design and fabrication techniques while helping members of the community complete exciting projects.

We need volunteers to help members of the public with the various Fab Lab machines, processes and techniques.

Volunteers also help with workshops and events hosted by the Fab Lab.

In addition to offering a fun and rewarding place to volunteer, we also provide free training on the machines and facilities. The Fab Lab El Paso staff will carefully train you on a variety of digital fabrication tools, processes and techniques.

Volunteers also gain free access to Fab Lab tools and equipment during operating hours to work on your own projects!

Fab Lab Technician


  • Oversee proper operation of industrial machines and tools to ensure that safety protocols are followed at all times according to codes and regulations to minimize the chances of personal and mechanical harm.
  • Provide instruction and develop teaching resources on the operation of fabrication machines and modeling programs for laser cutting, 3D printing, CNC routing and 2D/3D CAD.
  • Manage a team of volunteers to ensure their needs and expectations are met and mutual benefit is gained for both the volunteers and the Fab Lab.


  • Education to at least vocational degree standard and have technical expertise and experience in designing and making things on an array of fabrication equipments and electronics tools, such as laser cutter, CNC routers, or 3D printers, 2D or 3D CAD, electronics circuit boards.
  • Exceptional communication with an ability to engage with a wide variety of customers and stakeholders and will have experience of working directly with clients
  • Knowledge of and abidance by health and safety management regulations
  • Ability to give technical feedback on digital prototyping and fabrication projects
  • Experienced with community projects, small businesses and non-profits is preferred

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