Bio-inspired Design: Nervous System’s Cellular Lamp


For lovers of organic biomimetic designs, you will be pleased to know that there is an open-source printable lamp that is a shelled torus divid into “cells” thus “cellular” from Nervous System. Check out our previous post about their awesome customizable, 3D printed jewelry.



This is a very challenging item to 3D print because of its numerous overhangs and bridges as well as its complex design makes splicing the model tricky in the software. We are happy to announce that, after several failed attempts and half-prints, Fab Lab El Paso now has its own Cellular Lamp printed on the Kossel Mini 3D Printer—and it’s a beauty!


You can print your own at the Fab Lab. However, depending on your budget, the best way to find the right size and design is to use Nervous System’s own interactive page where you can customize sizes and play with the cellular parameters.

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