Laser Cut Seaweed for Designer Sushi Experience


‘Design nori’ is a series of intricately laser-cut seaweed for rolling sushi. Each sheet of five designs – ‘sakura’ (‘cherry blossoms’), ‘mizutama’ (‘water drops’), ‘asanoha’ (‘hemp’), ‘kikkou’ (‘turtle shell’), and ‘kumikkou’ (‘tortoise shell’) – is based on an element of Japanese history or symbology, meant to bring beauty, good fortune, growth, happiness, and longevity.


Because of the precision required in the cutting process, the seaweed itself is a thicker variety from the Sanriku region
of Miyagi. It’s thicker, so it won’t crumble under the laser-cutting, has a nice luster, and doesn’t stick to other ingredients.

Get inspired for lasercut edibles, everybody!

designnori02 from monkeyzen

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