Kossel Mini 3D Printer

    Fab Lab El Paso built a Kossel Mini 3D printer. This type of printer uses delta geometry to achieve extremely fast and precise prints in PLA (polyactic acid).

    We like PLA because it is biodegradable and relatively easy to print with (no need for a heated print bed). We think you’ll like it too.

    A Kossel mechanical kit with OpenBeam extrusions and the nuts and bolts is being generously supplied by Terence Tam. Thanks Terence!

    The lovely printer shown is an awesome build by Johann C. Rocholl, who has made many improvements that are will be incorporated into our machine. See more of his great work here.

    We’ll post pics documenting our build as soon as parts come in and we get to work.

    Johann and the entire delta printer community are doing an amazing job improving these machines on a regular basis. Check out the ongoing developments by digging through the Google group.


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