In partnership with UK-based company, PrintLab, Fab Lab will be giving a series of eight virtual workshops that will prepare students to submit to the make:able challenge sponsored by PrintLab and Autodesk.



Thank you to El Paso Community Foundation, Stern Foundation, and Cardwell Foundation for making this Prosthesis and Assistive Device education experience possible.



Friday October 9,2020. 4pm


Week 1: OVERALL – 

Welcome to Make:able Challenge

Participants are introduced to the challenge, the engineering design process, and get hands on with a low fidelity prototype.


Friday October 16,2020. 4pm


Week 2: OVERALL-

Empathizing with the End User

Utilizing supplied end user profiles, participants will learn how to identify and differentiate between a problem and parameter. Participants are given best practices to find users within their community, as well as learn research strategies for brainstorming.


 Friday October 23,2020. 4pm


Week 3: Product Design/Presentation- 

Design, User Experience, Submission Requirements

Participants will be introduced to the importance of design for user experience, and aesthetics, and also discover best practices for documenting and presenting their projects.


Friday October 30,2020. 4pm 


Week 4: Mechanical- 

Autodesk Fusion 360 Overview

Participants are introduced to Autodesk Fusion 360 basics, new features, and workflows. Participants will learn how to combine ideas from their brainstorming sessions and begin to translate them to CAD files. 


Friday November 6,2020. 4pm 


Week 5: Prototyping-

Fusion 360/3d Printing

Participants will learn how to prepare their CAD files for 3d Printing, along with understanding material limitations/properties for additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping.


Friday November 13,2020. 4pm 


Week 6: Electrical- 

Introduction to Arduino

Participants are shown the basics of programming with Arduino to make their prototypes more interactive. Will cover electrical, and coding basics.

Friday November 20,2020. 4pm 


Week 7:Electrical-

In Depth Arduino

Participants will learn more in depth coding concepts such as working with libraries, sensors input and output.  

Friday December 4,2020. 4pm 


Week 8: – Presentation-

Presentation- Assembly and Simulation/Fusion 360 

Participants will learn how to use Fusion 360 to simulate common prototyping and fabrication material and assemble their parts together.   




Post Workshop Check ins/Evaluations

Week of January 5th, 2021 

Check In 

Teams will schedule a Q&A session with Fab Lab El Paso Staff to share project progress and provide feed back. 

Week of February 9th, 2021

Check In/Engineering Notebook 

Second feedback round, final Q&A session with Fab Lab El Paso Staff. Check in on progress of their engineering notebooks and presentations. 

Week of March 9th, 2021

Final Prototypes and Presentations

Teams will present their final products to a panel of judges. The top teams will move on to the Make:able challenge.

Monday April 1st, 2021

Deadline to Submit to Make:able

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